Over the years we've been asked how did Fat Toad Farm come to be! With this in mind, we came together and created a video that showcases our history, process, partners and team! So get ready to learn how we make caramel at Fat Toad Farm and meet the goats at Ayers Brook Goat Dairy on the virtual tour experience. 


Interactive Tours

Below are three tour experiences. For best compatibility view tours on your computer and view in full screen. Click the button in the bottom right of each to make the tour full screen. 


First up on this virtual tour is Ayers Brook Goat Dairy's kid barn. 

To view on mobile click this link


Next stop on the tour is the main barn at Ayers Brook Goat Dairy.

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Last stop, Fat Toad Farm's caramel room! 

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Thank you for checking out the virtual tour!