dsc-9345crop.pngFrom left to right: Steve Reid, Calley Hastings, Judith Irving, Ed Roden

Steve Reid (Founder): We like to blame Steve for starting this whole thing with his dream of
farming since he was a young boy raising sheep in Randolph, Vermont. Steve was the original
impetus for getting our small herd of dairy of goats, which turned into a bigger herd of dairy
goats. Steve is always willing to lend a hand whether it’s to a stranger or a lifelong friend. His
good nature and calm attitude keep everyone positive at Fat Toad Farm.

Judith Irving (Founder): Judith is the friendly voice on the line when you call up Fat Toad Farm
to talk about caramel, goats or toads! She runs all order fulfillment aspects of Fat Toad and
enjoys working with our customers all across the US. You’ll find her taking walks with the dogs
during the day, adding humor to every conversation and making sure every jar of caramel that
goes out the door is well cared for.

Calley Hastings (Founder): Calley was born and raised in Brookfield where Fat Toad Farm is
located. She is a lover of all things Vermont with a particular obsession with the working
landscape probably due to her multigenerational family connection to farming throughout
Vermont and New Hampshire. She has been making caramel since the beginning days and also
manages the sales and marketing. Her favorite contribution to Fat Toad is through her
photography of Vermont and the Fat Toad Farm brand.

Ed Roden (Doer of everything): Ed, Eddo, Ed-Bob, Eddie, somehow he has developed more nick
names during his time at Fat Toad than anyone else. Ed has adjusted amazingly to Vermont’s
wicked cold winters and torturous springs coming from his balmy home of Florida. He has run
his own farm and has a natural ability to ‘get things done’ whether making caramel, sending
shipments out or helping problem solve some mind-bending technical problem.