Fat Toad Farm’s caramel sauces are the happy result of combining a small number of fresh, simple, natural ingredients and a lotta love (and stirring).  

In order to produce the highest quality product possible, we are careful to use only natural ingredients in all of our caramel sauces.  The complete list of ingredients we use in all seven caramel flavors is as follows: fresh goat’s milk, pure cane sugar, whole organic vanilla beans, whole organic cinnamon sticks, Kentucky straight bourbon, organic sea salt, cold brew coffee, stone ground chocolate liquor, cayenne, pure Vermont maple syrup, Irish whiskey, cow's cream* and baking soda.

*Cow's cream is only present in our Irish Whiskey Cream flavor.

All Fat Toad Farm products are verified gluten-free.


Why don’t we have a nutrition label on our jars?  

Good question!  We are teeny tiny, so we qualify for USDA’s Small Business Exemption which allows companies with fewer than 100 employees to skip this expense.  We have 4 employees, so we’re good for now – BUT we are more than happy to make this information public.  We are extremely proud of and confident in the quality of our products, and we would be more than happy to answer additional questions that you may have.