1. What is Cajeta?

Cajeta is very similar to the ever popular dulce de leche, a dairy based confection that uses cow’s milk. Cajeta, on the other hand, has its roots in Mexico and is based on goat’s milk.

“Cajeta is a Mexican confection of thickened syrup usually made of sweetened caramelized milk. According to chef Rick Bayless, the name for cajeta came from the Spanish phrase al punto de cajeta, which means a liquid thickened to the point at which a spoon drawn through the liquid reveals the bottom of the pot in which it is being cooked. However, it is more popularly assumed that it takes its name from the small wooden boxes it was traditionally packed in. Mexican cajeta is considered a specialty of and popularly associated with the city of Celaya in the state of Guanajuato, although it is also produced with the traditional method in several towns of the state of Jalisco, such as Mazamitla and Sayula.” — Wikipedia

While standard caramel sauces are sugar-based (often times high fructose corn syrup) with very little dairy, cajeta is primarily a dairy based product. As a result, our caramel is incredibly creamy and is not as intensely sweet as conventional caramel sauces.


 2. How do you make cajeta?

Ahh, it's a fascinating process, find out all about it HERE!


 3. Where can I buy your caramel sauces? 

Get in touch with us via our contact page, and we can let you know the closest stores to you that carry our goat's milk caramel sauce! You can also always find our caramel right here on our online farmstore!


4. What are the best uses for your caramel sauces?

The options are truly endless!  You can:  drizzle on ice cream, fruit, or cakes, dip apples or cookies, stir into coffee, hot chocolate or cocktails, spread on toast, bake into pies, tarts, breads and muffins, glaze carrots, sweet potatoes or ham, sweeten  a marinade, pair with your favorite cheese, combine with chocolate in any way you can think of, or (our preferred method) eat it straight from the jar with a spoon. Want more? Find some our favorite caramel recipes HERE.  


6. What ingredients do you use in your caramel?

The ingredients for our eight different flavors are as follows: Fresh goat’s milk, pure cane sugar, whole organic vanilla beans, whole organic cinnamon sticks, Kentucky straight bourbon, organic sea salt, cold brew coffee, stone ground chocolate liquor, cayenne, pure Vermont maple syrup, Irish Whiskey, cow's cream* and baking soda.. That's it!  Simple, honest goodness.

*Cow's cream is only present in our Irish Whiskey Cream flavor




7. Is your caramel gluten-free?

Yes it is!  All of our caramel sauces are verified gluten-free. 


8. Can I visit? How do I get there?

You are welcome to visit our self-serve farm store which is open 10am-4pm 7 days a week. Our small staff spends a lot of time producing our award winning caramel and shipping it to you and to stores all across the US, so we are not able to offer tours of Fat Toad Farm. We usually make caramel on Mondays and Thursdays; you can walk over the hill from our farm store and watch us do it. Please plan on bringing cash or a check for any purchases since you may not find us around. Also, please be prepared to wear a face mask. Find additional details and driving directions HERE.