Customer Reviews

"I've been meaning to tell you, I became a bit of a caramel snob after visiting my daughter in France on her semester abroad in 2006. After tasting caramels from the coast of Brittany, there was nothing here in the States that could compare. But, last summer our new local farm stand introduced me to your sauces, and it was love at first bite! "


"Years ago I found a caramel sauce, Cajeta from Mexico - being allergic to cow's milk products, this was just a wonderful find, but our local store stopped carrying it. Looked online, asked around, looked all over - with no luck. My niece gave me a jar of Fat Toad Farm Caramel Sauce and I was hooked! It was better than I remembered the sauce from Mexico was and I have ordered numerous jars since then. THANK YOU! "

-Grace Spalding


"Every Fat Toad Farm caramel tastes incredible, but our favorites are Cold Brewed Coffee and Vanilla Bean. The Cold Brewed Coffee caramel mixed with a cup of whole milk, a square of dark chocolate, a tablespoon of instant espresso and warmed on the microwave for 2 minutes has become my wife's favorite coffee drink ever. She has given up her five dollar a day coffe shop " fix" for Fat Toad Farm Cold Brew Coffee Caramel!"


"I think this is the best caramel I have ever had. I keep talking about how good it would be on this or that and then can't bring myself to add anything that might dilute or distract from the flavor."

-Maggie Allen


"This caramel made my day! It tastes so good on anything or by the spoonful. For someone allergic to everything like me, this has been a sweet blessing I can enjoy!! "



"As I live in Vermont, this is not my first batch of Fat Toad Caramel. Each and every time I open a new jar, I am surprised how wonderful it is. Friends ask, what do I put Fat Toad Caramel on, and my answer is always the same, a spoon! Creamy, velvety but never too sweet, the best." 


"I was introduced to Fat Toad Farm's Cajeta last spring when it was used in a Jeni's Ice Cream. It was one of my favorite flavors of all time. I recently had an ice cream social and I replicated Jeni's Banana Cajeta. It was the favorite of my guests. The Cajeta is sweet, tangy, and a little expected."



"The Fat Toad Farm Carmel is something I must have in the house. I can't eat plain ice cream anymore, it needs a dollop of Caramel. The quartet allows you to choose your favorite favors, which is a nice feature. Great gift idea! You won't be disappointed! " 



"I am in love, LOVE, with this caramel. The cold brew coffee flavor is by far the best caramel I've ever had in my life. Hand me the epic jar and a straw. Fun packaging and excellent customer service to boot. I bought jars for all my friends and family for the holidays. Cheers! "

-Melanie L.


"I bought my first jar of Fat Toad Farm through a promotion on The Republic of Tea website, and I knew when I finished the jar I had to get more. My first jar was Original, and now having tried other flavors it's clear that the flavor ingredients are chosen carefully to be of the same superior caliber as the caramel itself. I put it mostly in tea and coffee, but I'll definitely be trying some of the recipes that were included in my box. It's that kind of touch that makes me appreciate small businesses: they clearly love the product they make, and want to share that love with you."



"Fat Toad Farm has the tastiest, most incredible product I've ever tried. Having grown up eating "dulce de leche" in South America, I can appreciate the love and care that goes into it... Not to mention consistency and taste! Wow! This product is one that has me and my husband recommending it to anyone we know! "



"I love this Spicy Dark Chocolate, it puts sass in my coffee. This is my new fave, dark chocolate & spicy kick is what I add to my coffee every morning. A must have in my house. I'll pass on the cream & sweetener, just give me my Spicy Dark Chocolate. Thanks Judith for the best caramel ever."



"I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to taste this caramel. From the very first bite it took me completely by surprise! I was expecting a nice sweet taste to go with a panna cotta I had made, instead I got a fantastic pop of unexpected magic, the creamy texture and flavor cannot be compared. I must keep ordering this because nothing else will ever hold a candle."


"If you had peeked into my kitchen window last night you would have witnessed the unthinkable. Up to the second knuckle in a jar of divine cinnamon caramel from Fat Toad Farm. So far I've tried the Vanilla, Classic, Salted Bourbon, and Cinnamon varieties. Can't wait to try the chocolate and coffee! The caramel is perfection. Its not too sweet and it stays a great consistency when put in the fridge. You know when you want caramel RIGHT NOW and don't want to have to wait for it to soften up to the pouring temperature. No problem. This stuff delivers when you need it most!I've used it on pears (divine), ice cream, pretzels, cookies, cakes, shortcake, pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger...In my hot coffee, iced lattes! Get it, try it, gotta have it. Got to share it! When they have the sales - stock up! Great as a gift. And I LOVE all the little recipe cards they send with the order.I'm an addict. Happily."