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Goat's Milk Caramel


Made in small batches with fresh milk from our own herd of pastured dairy goats, Fat Toad Farm Caramel Sauces are meticulously hand-stirred to velvety perfection over the course of five hours in traditional copper kettles.  Rich and creamy, our not-too-sweet caramel sauces deliver the unmistakably tangy depth of your favorite chèvre balanced with the simplicity of fresh milk and pure cane sugar.  In the true spirit of farmsteading, we exclusively use milk from our own goats, and personally shepherd each ounce of caramel from grass, to goat, to jar, and into your hands. 

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The Caramel Process Step By Step

Sun and Soil: The whole caramel-making process starts with two simple ingredients: sun and healthy soil.

Goats on Pasture: High quality pasture (fostered by sun and healthy soils) is the staple of the goats’ diet. Our goats are rotationally grazed (moved to new pasture every day) from May until November on the 30 acres of green Vermont pastures surrounding our farm.

The Milk: We milk a herd of beautiful (and mischievous) Alpine dairy goats twice a day, every day at 5:30am and 4:30pm in our milking parlor.  

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Our Seven Types of Caramel: We make seven distinct and unique flavors of caramel: Original - with fresh milk and pure cane sugar, Vanilla Bean – with whole organic French Bourbon vanilla beans, Cinnamon – with two different varieties of organic cinnamon sticks,  Salted Bourbon - which is infused with Kentucky Straight Bourbon and pure sea salt,  Cold Brew Coffee- made with Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Cold Brew, Spicy Dark Chocolate-made with Taza Chocolate's stone ground chocolate and a kick of cayenne, Vermont Maple-made with pure Vermont Maple Syrup from Cold Hollow Cider Mill. 
Crafting flavorsAfter the pure cane sugar is fully dissolved, we add either vanilla beans or cinnamon sticks to the bubbling pots.  The beans and sticks will boil with the milk, infusing it with their warming, spicy flavors until they are strained out at the end. For our Salted Bourbon, we add Kentucky Straight Bourbon at the end of the caramelization process when the caramel is 220 degrees and capable of burning off the alcohol in the bourbon immediately. For our Cold Brew Coffee, we wait  until the caramel is just about done and then we slowly stir in Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Cold Brew which leaves the caramel with an irresistibly smooth, delicate coffee finish. Our Spicy Dark Chocolate Caramel comes together by slowly stirring stone ground chocolate and a healthy pinch of cayenne right into the almost finished caramel. Once the chocolate has fully melted, the caramel is dark, rich and beautifully freckled.  For our Vermont Maple, as we start seeing the caramel turn a nice golden brown, we stir in Cold Hollow Pure Vermont Maple Syrup and watch as this amber colored beauty mixes perfectly into our velvety goat's milk caramel. 
The Ingredients: It takes two major elements to turn ordinary sugar and goat's milk into extraordinary caramel: heat and time. Each batch takes about five hours to produce. Milk and pure cane sugar are hand-stirred during this time in beautiful copper kettles over high heat. About an hour into the process the milk begins to froth – this is the best time to skim some off for your morning latte!
The Process: Similar to making maple syrup, much of the water is evaporated during the process allowing the sugars to brown. Just like maple syrup, it is an art to get the perfect caramel with the right consistency and flavor.
It’s Done! : We use a refractometer, thermometer and years of staring at pots of caramel to decide when it’s perfect and ready to be bottled.
Bottling We use a maple syrup filler and steady hands to hand-fill every jar of caramel made on our farm. 
Each jar is then flipped upside down for 45 seconds to create a tightly sealed, shelf stable product with a year shelf-life.
2014-vanilla-bean-8oz-square-150.jpg From Us to You: Each jar is hand-labeled and packaged, ready for sale. Our caramel is sold at co-ops and natural and specialty food stores throughout the country. Our caramel is also available for purchase directly from our farm and via our web store.