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About our Goats



Our goats are the heart and soul of our farm. Their health and well-being are our highest priority.  Our 60 milking does(female goats) are rotationally grazed during the summer pasture months on thirty acres of neighboring green pastures. They are also fed high quality grain and hay to supplement their diet along with daily foraging walks through the woods on the way home from pasture.



The does are bred in the fall by our four beautiful bucks, Lance, Whitey, Tonka and Bunbun.  After a five month gestation period, the does will have their babies in March-April.  Baby goats (kids) are called doelings if they are females and bucklings if they are male. We keep some doelings that will become future members of our herd and raise them together with their mothers.We take great pride in the quality of our herd and the exceptional quality (and deliciousness) of their milk.   Read more about the awesome benefits of goat's milk HERE



After eight years of raising goats, Fat Toad Farm is home to several multi-generational families of goats, including one of our very first goats, Jupiter and her 4th daughter Artemis.  Most mornings, we arrive at the barn to find families sleeping together in big heaps.